Update: October 13th, 2016

The primary purpose of Maricopa County Association of Paralegals (MCAP), fka Legal Assistants of Metropolitan Phoenix (LAMP), is to provide quality continuing legal education (CLE) at a reasonable cost to paralegal members, students, educators, and others interested in the paralegal profession. We are a non-profit organization, and we are the only Arizona paralegal organization that provides CLE at NO COST to its members.  Our dues are also the lowest in Arizona – CLE is What We Do!

We provide monthly one-hour evenings or two-hour morning CLE seminars with volunteer presenters (usually the speakers are attorneys, judges, etc.).  In addition to promoting legal education, MCAP also seeks:

  • To provide a forum for its members to share and exchange experiences, ideas, opinions, and expertise;
  • To encourage a high degree of ethical and professional conduct;
  • To promote and encourage the formal training and voluntary certification of legal assistants;
  • To cooperate and work with bar associations;
  • To advance the understanding of the legal community and general public concerning the utilization of legal assistants;
  • To support and carry out the programs, purposes, aims and goals of the National Association of Legal Assistants, Inc (read about fluconazole over the counter
    ). (NALA); and
  • To establish a good fellowship among its members, other legal assistant associations and members of the legal community.


MCAP is managed by six officers, and the officers for 2016-2017 (effective November 1, 2016) are:
President, Monica Rapps, CP
1st Vice President, Education, Lovonte Owens, CP
2nd Vice President, Membership, Vacant
Secretary, Cathy Wittenberg, CP
Treasurer, Virginia “Ginger” Korcal, CP
NALA Liaison, Michael Giardina, ACP

Our officers are elected annually by our voting members (or when necessary, appointed by the Board of Directors) with a fiscal year of November 1 through October 31.