Update: June 16th, 2016

NALA Tidbit:  1,338 As of March 28, 2016, according to NALA, that is the number of certified paralegals in Arizona.  If you are a Certified Paralegal, then you can be proud to be part of an elite group!  For information regarding certification or advanced certification, visit the NALA website at

Members of NALA affiliated associations are eligible for a special $25 annual subscription to Facts & Findings magazine (read about diflucan otc). This is a $10.00 discount off the non-member annual rate of $35 and is good for renewal as long as you remain a member of your NALA affiliated association. Should rates increase in the future, you will still receive a 30% discount off the published rates.

Step 1: Advise your NALA affiliated association that you wish
to take advantage of this special rate.
Step 2: Your affiliated association sends your name and payment
for the first year to NALA.
Step 3: NALA enters your subscription and sends renewal forms near the expiration date each year…as long as you are a member of a NALA affiliated association
If you should decide to take the next logical step of becoming an individual member of NALA in order to receive the benefits of this national association, you will receive a $25 credit toward your first year’s dues. Visit the NALA website to learn more about Facts & Findings and about membership in NALA!

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